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It is important to set goals, no argument. Goals set a direction for our lives and remind us of what is important to us. Yet so many people struggle with achieving their goals. They give up or lose sight of their goals in the daily rush. What can be done?

At Launch Leadership Development we believe in setting achievable goals and desire to help others reach their goals. Today I’d like to explore the idea of focusing on processes and systems rather than the goal by examining:

  • Why many struggle to reach their goals
  • How developing a process or system can help
  • Define inputs
  • Example of a process of inputs

The issue is goals are usually too far out to keep us motivated to do the daily work that needs to be done to accomplish them. We may have a plan and steps to get us there, but if we put our focus solely on the goal, it can leave us feeling unfulfilled, less confident that it will ever happen, and disappointed in ourselves. This is where many give up and quit.

To get off this treadmill, develop a process, or system to focus on daily, and quit focusing on the goal.  Determine what one, two or three things you can do daily, without fail, to get you closer to your goal. This is a cousin to short term goals, but unique in that this will be your daily process that is now your focus. These are definite actions that when done consistently, build habits that cannot help but result in your goal being achieved.

These specific actions are called inputs. They are the WORK you have to do daily to reach your goal.

  • Inputs are black and white at the end of the day. You either did the work or you did not. You check the box if you did it.
  • Inputs are clearly defined as actions that get you closer to your goal
  • Inputs are scheduled daily. No skipping a day. No excuses.
  • Inputs are your only focus. The goal will come naturally as a result of your disciplined inputs.

An example of designing a process with inputs looks like this:

Goal: Lose 15 pounds in 3 months.


  • I will drink more water by filling up my water jug in the morning and keeping it with me. I will track it with a health app.
  • I will eat only 40g carbs a day, and track them on my phone by reading labels and using a health app.
  • I will exercise every morning right when I get up, rotating using my weights and running 30 minutes.  I will track it with my health app.
  • I will not eat fast food. I will put a smiley face on my phone calendar each day I avoid fast food.


  • I will drink 64 oz. water a day, filling my water jug each morning
  • I will either lift weights or run every morning for 30 minutes.
  • I will consume only 40g carbs each day.
  • I will avoid fast food daily.

Now the focus becomes accomplishing these inputs every day. An app will help track your discipline. Now you will have a reason to celebrate every day that you can check off these boxes. Your confidence will grow, and you will feel satisfaction every day.

Try this system for yourself! What goal do you have currently, that you can break down into daily inputs? Focus on the inputs, my friend, and experience a feeling of success every day!

-Jan Jones

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