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We’re super excited to share this course with you. From developing young managers, to learning responsibility and delivering on projects, to growing into team builders and leaders – this course has got it all! We’ve found these principles very helpful and trust you will too. And remember, a team is only as good as it’s leader… so the better a leader becomes the better everyone around them becomes. Cheer’s!

Course Overview

Why management?

Personal management

Because in order to be a great leader you’ll need to learn to manage yourself.

Project management

Because in order to be a great leader you’ll need to be very capable at running projects.

People management

Because in order to be a great leader you’ll need to know how to manage people

Advanced Lessons

Growing Leadership Capabilities (i.e., growing trees); the growth journey continues.

Personal management

  • Humility
  • Start with WHY
  • Compound Effect

The Fruit

A few of the benefits your student can gain from this course.

  • iconTake responsibility for one’s own personal growth
  • iconDevelop skills that enterprising young people need to grow into effective entrepreneurs
  • iconNo more excuse-making or blame-shifting. Learn to take responsibility for one’s decisions
  • icon Grow key career development skills to improve one’s personal performance and professional value
  • icon Find keys to individual growth that open career paths for even the newest employee
  • icon Become a better leader by learning the backbones of leadership

Required Reading

The Compound Effect
Darren Hardy
Total Money Makeover
Dave Ramsey
The Goal
Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Easy to use format

  • Hard copy daily lesson guide
  • Online platform and mobile app available
  • Audio option in every module
  • Links to required reading included
  • Audiobook option for required reading
  • Option to download modules on mobile device for offline viewing
  • Option for parental review.

Why we think this is so important

Our Launch Plans

  • Full Course
  • Self-directed by Parent/Student
  • Completion Certificate
  • Be sure to purchase accompanying workbook
**This option will take you directly to iSpring Market where you can purchase the course and connect to it directly on your own. You will create a login for your student and purchase the course. If you are purchasing the course for multiple students, return to this page and repeat the process.
  • Step-by-step guide through each lessons
  • Capture your answers and thoughts
  • Capture your answers and thoughts

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Bundles (for the classroom, family, or business)

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Classroom and Families

Launch Bundles


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