The Power of Mentoring People Management Shepherding Stewardship

Most of us can think of someone special that made a difference in our lives, that helped us grow and shape who we are today. If you can, what a blessing, my friend! Have you given thought to being such a person in someone else’s life?

At Launch Leadership Development we believe in the power of mentoring. Today I’d like to share these things about being a mentor:

  • Why you should consider being a mentor to someone
  • How to become a mentor
  • How to coach someone

Why you should consider being a mentor:

  • Someone likely invested in you, pay it forward!
  • It doesn’t have to cost money to help a person grow
  • It is extremely satisfying
  • It makes the world/workplace a better place
  • The legacy will live on, as that person will likely mentor someone else down the road

How do you become a mentor?

There are structured and unstructured ways to become a mentor. Perhaps your workplace or church has a mentor program in place or you may join an organization such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. These are structured options. Unstructured ways could be taking a new employee under your wing, volunteering with youth groups, or spending time with a neighborhood kid.  It could be a casual  weekly “coffee catchup” with a college student or friend that is interested in learning from you. Look around- I bet there is someone who would benefit from spending time with you!

Take a coaching posture rather than an “expert” posture.

Coaching like a facilitator means shared power – not telling someone what to do, but asking questions, such as “What do YOU think you should do?”, “What do you really want?” and “Why is this important to you?”. This gives them confidence to think out loud and come to their own solutions.  Asking the right questions is an important part of mentoring.

Good coaching will give them:

  • Hope and vision
  • Encouragement, motivation, and support
  • self-esteem: the ability to see their potential, purpose and power
  • direction and options
  • opportunities for growth and responsibility
  • a feeling of competence
  • voice

This may sound like a great responsibility because it IS. It’s HUGE. But so powerful. I am not sure what could be more fulfilling than investing in another human being’s life. Yes, it takes time. But the harvest will be great.

I challenge you to look around today and find someone that you could bless with coaching. Take an inventory of your skills, talents and life experiences. You have gifts to share, my friend, and the world will be a better place because of it.

Below are a few videos that I used for inspiration writing this article. Check them out!

-Jan Jones