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Use The Golden Bundle as an inexpensive training program for professional and personal growth in your team members:          

Do you want to invest in your people with a self-directed program, but aren’t sure how to proceed amidst the forest of expensive or ineffective training programs? As employers, we’re always looking for ways to help our people improve. And as an employer myself, I can affirm that when a fire bursts into flame inside one of our team and they get inspired to learn and grow their management skills, they’ll make more progress than any training system we can impose. And even more powerful, when they get in control of their finances, when they begin to play great defense, live within their means, capture the margin, and experience real traction in their savings, their entire life smooths out, and they have more bandwidth for real growth. And even further, growth in their personal finances has an outflowing benefit in their professional management skill.

Our programs are designed to help light that management flame and make clear that path to financial freedom and personal growth. Launch courses are designed to teach foundational level self-management and management of others, while The Freedom Program has achieved powerful success helping young people master their personal finances and establish a pattern of long-term growth and learning.

Imagine how much more settled your employees will be when they experience real financial progress. Imagine how your team will benefit from young professionals making financial progress and growing as self-managers, whether they be high school graduates who want to find a non-college route to a fulfilling career, or college graduates looking to gain their footing in the real world. Imagine how your team can benefit from offering direction and hope for your non-college-bound young people. This is precisely whom The Freedom Program was originally designed for. This robust program is flexible enough to work for high school, college, trades, and countless non-college routes, leading them to a satisfying career. Imagine how these young people can grow and prosper and build your team when they get on target to save $90,000 in four years in this self-directed, mentor-advised program.

Launch courses and The Freedom Program aren’t magic. They require the same ingredients as those practiced by successful Freedom Program participants. Determined Intentionality, Willing Accountability, and Patient Persistence. But astounding success is possible for the self-motivated with a little guidance in the right places, and with the structure and training provided by our programs.

What better way to invest in them than the “Golden Bundle” of both Launch and FreePro products, where they can learn to manage themselves better, and where they can gain a clear vision for personal and professional growth. For only about $250 per employee, you can tap into this inexpensive-yet-powerful training bundle. To purchase this “Golden Bundle,” select one Launch course, one Launch workbook, and one Freedom Program workbook for each employee.

You’ll be amazed how their efforts in this simple training combination can help them go from stressed to competent, from fearful to confident, and from aimless to intentional!

Use Launch courses to grow management skills as a team:

If you intend to utilize a Launch course as training for your employees, purchase one course plus a workbook for your HR manager or lead trainer, plus one workbook for each employee you want to take the training. For example, if you want 10 employees to take the training as a group, purchase one course and 11 workbooks. The lead trainer can lead the whole class through the online training, and each can record their answers and growth objectives in their workbook.

And experience the power of growing your youngest staff members, gifting Freedom Program Summer w and Gap Year workbooks:

I can tell you from personal experience that employees who feel invested in, and who have a good experience where they learn more than just the work that’s in front of them, tend to make great team members. They tend to be happier, more productive, and are more likely to return year after year. Not only does a small $25 to $100 investment help them grow, it can play a significant role in reducing your recruiting costs. What easier way to say “I care about your personal development” than to gift them with Freedom Program workbooks, “Making the Most of your Gap Year.” or “Making the Most of My Summer Break.” Purchase as many as you need, and give one to each gap year student or summer employee.