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In Dave Ramsey’s own words, “this is a different kind of business and leadership book”.  EntreLeadership is his personal playbook of how to start and run a small business.

We at Launch Leadership Development have a passion for helping develop successful entrepreneurs and leaders and believe this will be a great handbook to have near your desk.

This comprehensive book could easily be the subject of 15 articles, one for each chapter, but for now we will do an overview with some highlights:

  • Book Summary
  • Why it’s worth a read

Book Summary

Dave has pulled together life lessons from his entrepreneurial path and developed a playbook that he uses daily in his highly successful business. This playbook covers every topic a person would encounter when starting their own small business.

The topics in the 15 chapters are a wide range that include pages of detailed coaching on: 

  • Having a vision and breaking it down into goals
  • how to launch your dream
  • marketing and sales advice
  • money management and how to avoid major mistakes
  • employee and vendor relations from hiring, retaining, and letting go to rewarding and communicating well
  • being a successful leader people want to work for

If you have read some of the leading business and leadership authors such as Stephen Covey, John C. Maxwell, Jim Collins, and Simon Sinek, you will recognize that Dave Ramsey has applied their lessons to his playbook. They are woven in his chapters on time management, selling and employee relationships.

EntreLeadership is worth a read

  • Anyone who wants to start a business, even if part time out of their home, will find specific guidance on how to start small
  • Established business owners will benefit from ideas he has run with in his company and learn from mistakes he has made
  • Leaders at every level will benefit from his employee and vendor relationship chapters
  • Ramsey touches on every aspect of running a business with “mini lessons” that are comprehensive, yet boiled down

What a great opportunity to gain wisdom from an entrepreneur who has learned from failures, grown a wildly successful business, and is now sharing his personal playbook. 

-Jan Jones

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