Hero on a Mission: A Path to a Meaningful Life by Don Miller

If you have ever felt “stuck” in life or you are not sure you are on the right path, the book Hero on Mission: A Path to Meaningful Life, by Don Miller will help you realize you have the power to create the life you desire. That is an amazing epiphany, my friend!

Don Miller’s book explores the idea that our lives are truly stories of our own making, and we have more power to create the plot than we might realize. We at Launch Leadership Development believe in taking responsibility for our choices and life direction, and think this book is a great resource for building that mindset.

Let’s explore the main ideas of Miller’s book:

  • The characters
  • Agency
  • Formula for a life of meaning

The characters

Miller says the lives we live are stories, and we play different roles at different times. We write our own stories, and so are responsible for the plot. These stories can be edited, and we are the editor.

  • The Victim – feels stuck, doesn’t move, waiting to be rescued.
  • The Villain– makes others small – has pain and lashes out
  • The Hero – faces challenges and transforms- has hope and grit
  • The Guide– helps the hero, has empathy and confidence Most meaningful transformation – Hero first, then became a guide – our goal

Victims can heal into heroes, and heroes can strengthen through pain into guides.


Agency refers to the ability we have to make our own choices. It means accepting responsibility for our choices and actions and accepting the consequences.

  • We need structure, discipline, and rhythm.
  •  A victim becomes a hero when they decide to quit living by their emotions and take control of their life. This takes courage, practice and intention.
  • Your life has meaning if you structure your life so that you experience it.
  • The ultimate sign that you have accepted your agency is that you become a creator and not just a consumer. The creation doesn’t have to be monumental…it can be art, community, a song, writing, a company, seeing an idea become reality, a charity, awareness, an event, a beautiful yard or garden, a system, a tool, meals, a service, the ideas are limitless. What is in your heart?

The Formula for a Meaningful Life

Miller says we need to do these things for our life to feel meaningful:

  • Take action creating a work or performing a deed: Have a great reason to get out of bed every morning- plan a to do list every day!
  • Experience something or encounter someone that you find captivating and that pulls you out of yourself Make your world larger – be with people or art or nature that energizes you!
  • Have an optimistic attitude toward the inevitable challenges and suffering you will experience in life – see meaning or purpose in your pain, create something good from the ashes.

Miller encourages us to live intentionally and says the more we move, the more opportunities life gives us. He says we build a life of meaning by stating an ambition, enduring challenges, and by sharing our lives with others.

This book is uplifting and inspiring and would be a great addition to your library!

-Jan Jones Miller created a life plan and a daily planner as resources that are available here.

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