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The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell

Laws 7-9 We are continuing our study of John Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by looking at laws 7-9 today. If you missed last week’s article, check out laws 4-6 in the previous post.  If you did catch it, how are you doing with incorporating your new daily changes that will lead to […] Read More

Your Roadmap for Success

By John C. Maxwell We at Launch Leadership Development are all about helping people grow in their journey of self-improvement! Today I’d like to share with you some ideas from John Maxwell’s Your Roadmap for Success. John Maxwell has studied successful people of all walks of life and has developed many strategies to better your […] Read More

Hero on a Mission   

Hero on a Mission: A Path to a Meaningful Life by Don Miller If you have ever felt “stuck” in life or you are not sure you are on the right path, the book Hero on Mission: A Path to Meaningful Life, by Don Miller will help you realize you have the power to create […] Read More

An Effective Gap Year Might Be For You

A gap year between high school and college can provide a great opportunity for real life experiences and personal growth that can’t be learned in a classroom. I’d like to share some ideas for your consideration: A Gap Year can be beneficial in many ways. Did you know Harvard University has encouraged newly accepted students […] Read More

Follow Your Passion

What are passionate about? Have you thought about how you could make a living doing what inspires you? Do you know what inspires you? Today I’d like to challenge you in several ways: Find your passion and do it.  I chose my college major by making a list of all the things I enjoyed doing. […] Read More

Do What Your Future Self Will Thank You For

If you are in your 20’s or younger, today’s topic might be a stretch for your imagination, but you are exactly the age that will benefit the most from this exercise. You may have heard an older person say that their past feels like it happened to someone else…that they were a different person then. […] Read More

Accept the Challenge:

101 Strategies for Personal Success By William P. Abram   At Launch Leadership Development we are constantly researching, reading, and mining for great leadership and personal development materials that will benefit you, our digital family. Today’s blog features a book review on “Accept the Challenge 101 Strategies for Personal Success” by William P. Abram. First let […] Read More

What are core values and why are they so value-able?

There is a lot of talk these days about Core Values, but what exactly are they? Let’s do three things today: Core Values refers to the root beliefs that guide a person’s or organization’s behavior, decisions, and goals.  Examples include integrity, fairness, family, excellence, and faith. Your core values are like your DNA; they don’t […] Read More

Knowing your “WHY” is like igniting a rocket engine inside your finances

“If you know and live within your “why”, it is easier to say “no” to things that don’t fit and to live within your budget.” -Trent D. Schrock First, what is a WHY? And why is it so important? Everyone has a “WHY”, a central belief, a main motivation, a raison d’etre. Our “Why” acts […] Read More

Viewing 1 - 9 out of 9 posts