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The Power of Hope

Leaders of renown have used one ability to great effect – instilling hope.  Hope is a powerful agent of perseverance and improvement which stems from holding up an inspiring vision.  God designed humans with the unique ability to hope for something better in the physical and spiritual future – a better future pulls us through […] Read More

Conflict: Everybody’s Got It

Conflict with someone is never fun. Think about the last conflict you had. Do you remember what it was about? I mean, really about? I say that because often we have conflict and do not even realize the root of the issue. Today I’d like to dive into the topic of conflict by examining: Conflict […] Read More

Do You Have Self-Awareness?

Yes, it’s important to be self-aware! Today let’s zoom in on the idea of self-awareness: Self-awareness might very well be one of the most difficult virtues to master. Why? Because people tend to believe they are already self-aware. Who knows me better than me?  I live with me day in and day out!  Other reasons […] Read More

Building Good Habits to Gain Control of Your Life 

Do you feel in control of your life? Are you confident that your life is proceeding just as you would like? If not, it’s time to examine why and get back on track, my friend. Today we will help you get back on the right path by laying out a roadmap for you: Accept full […] Read More

Viewing 1 - 4 out of 4 posts